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Course Features

Course Material

Articles to guide you through the course platform

5 articles

Diagnostic Assessments

Articles to help you understand the diagnostic tests

2 articles

Progress on the Course

Articles to help you know how to track your progress on the course

3 articles

Exam Information

Provider Students

Articles to assist students sitting with a provider

3 articles


Articles to guide learners who have purchased through the Pass Functional Skills site

6 articles

Open Awards Exam Format

Articles to explain the format of the exams

7 articles


Exam Basics

Articles to explain general exam information

5 articles

Functional Skills Basics

Articles to show you what Functional Skills is

3 articles

My Students Table

Articles to help you navigate the My Students Table

11 articles

Students' Accounts

Articles to help you understand how to manage students' accounts

9 articles


Articles to help you setup and manage groups

3 articles

Teachers and Organisation Managers

Articles to help you understand the different roles

6 articles